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I’m Madi, the one woman show behind Madison Abbey.
I focus on the intimate and unstaged moments throughout the day, preserving who you are in that exact moment in time. I believe in creating art for the modern romantic through timeless and artful imagery. I’m inspired by quiet romance and meaningful moments - the goosebumps, the belly laughs, the raw, the real, the unscripted. The perfect mix of candid and intention. I prioritize connection and comfort over anything else. I can’t promise I won’t shed a tear as you slow dance with your grandfather or squeal over the unique florals you carefully picked out, but I can promise to organically capture your day with a fine art touch, in the most honest and unobtrusive way possible. Above all else, I create a safe and artful space to document the naturally unfolding moments between you and your love. 

“New England & destination intimate weddings + elopements”
“Creating art for the modern romantic” 

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FIne art film + digital

Madison Abbey is a story.
 A story that is inspired by an extraordinary woman.
Abigail. Abbey for short. My Nonnie.
A woman who's hands whose coated with character are also the hands that graced my temples and prayed my headaches away. A woman whose cookie recipes are pulled out for every holiday, and on those days you just need a good peanut butter blossom. A woman who would babysit 5 year old me and sneak me her signature Dentyne Ice gum on the playground, swearing in secrecy not to tell my mom. A woman whose famous peony plant now blooms every spring in my family's backyard to remember her beauty. A woman whose last minutes were spent in her favorite fleece blanket as I gently rubbed those peonies on her cheeks so she could pass with the scent of home. A woman who holds such a sacred place in my heart.
This is for her and for all.
Here. There. Everywhere 

The Story


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“New England & destination intimate weddings + elopements”
“Creating art for the modern romantic”